Over the years, we have supplied a wide range of process equipment for various energy and process industries. Our repeated orders from almost all of our clients bear testimony to the fact that we deliver the equipment meeting the highest quality & fabrication standards making us an emerging leader in the design & fabrication of process package systems.

We design and manufacture a whole array of process equipment and packages as listed below:

- Direct / Indirect Heater
- Refinery Furnaces
- Crude Oil Desalter
- Condensate Desalter Package
- Gas Dehydration Package (TEG, Molecular Sieve, Silica Gel)
- Sweetening Package (Amine, Molecular Sieve)
- Glycol Injection Package
- MEG Regeneration Package
- MEG Reclaimer
- Chemical Injection Package
- Oily Water Treatment Package (IGF, Hydrocyclone, Nutshell Filter)
- Methanator Package
- Nitrogen Storage Package
- Two / Three Phase Separator
- Pig Launcher & Receiver
- Cold / Flare Stack, Flare Tip
- Filter, Coalescer, Scrubbers, KO Drum
- Pressure Vessel & Storage Tank

We design and manufacture equipment with various metallurgies ranging from carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels etc.