Quality Policy Statement

 CEF has determined its aims and policy for quality management as follows:

1. Gaining the client’s consent via developing the quality level of products and on time delivery.
2. Continuum improvement of the effectiveness of quality management system in order to prevent rework in services and decreasing the delivery time.
3. Training the personnel to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and consequently approaching a growth in the company’s productivity.
4. Creating a participatory management atmosphere.
5. Promoting the efficiency and variety of services to submit to the clients.

The company has furnished its quality management system on the basis of ISO 9001:2000 standard together with the consideration of major client’s particular requirements.

Regarding the above mentioned points, personnel are instructed to observe and implement the executive methods and related procedures, which are declared in order to approach the quality management policy, as precise as possible.

Accordingly, QC/QA manager, accompanied with all colleagues in the company, will apply their abilities to achieve the above mentioned goals.