It is CEF’s policy to take all possible steps to ensure the health and safety of all persons at office & factory to prevent damage to property, equipment and the environment. All of CEF’s departments are responsible for implementing the Health, Safety & Environmental measures necessary to ensure the well-being of all the persons, including employee, subcontract personnel, visitors, etc.

All managers will understand their specific responsibilities for health and safety within their departments and will ensure that adequate health and safety facilities are available and the relevant safety requirements are known and adhered to at all times by employees under their supervision.

It is the duty of all managers to be aware of and conform to these HSE policies, and it is the duty of all employees to be aware and conform to the HSE regulations and guidelines established for their departments.
It is the responsibility of all employees to make the work place as safe as possible.

All CEF’s directors will give their full support to this policy and will support all those who endeavor to carry it out.

CEF will maintain an open and effective system of HSE communications to achieve an uninterrupted flow of information throughout all levels of the organization.